Phil Stern

Rogue Powers Is Here!

Posted on 19th March, in Blog, What's New.

Two young people must hide their deepest abilities from everyone around them, while fighting to remain together in a society determined to pull them apart.

Within the Kingdom, the royal family can legally display any paranormal talents they choose. However, commoners revealing even the slightest of powers face arrest and execution.

Anson is one of the few surviving telepaths living in secrecy among the population. However, a rebellious young princess finds herself irresistibly drawn to the commoner youth. Defying all convention, Anson and Lydia quickly form a close, illicit bond.

However, Anson’s true identity is soon discovered by the King’s secret police. Managing to remain one step ahead of the King’s empowered operatives, Anson plans to escape the Kingdom entirely one day, with Lydia at his side.

But once the monarch announces Lydia is to marry another royal telepath against her will, Anson and Lydia must fight for their own future, reshaping their entire society in the process.


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